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The First Estonian Private Cosmetic School began its activity on March 17, 1995. At our  school you can study beautician, hairdresser, specialist of spa procedures in both - Estonian and partly in Russian language. For today,  62 groups have graduated from  the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School. The goal of the school is to train professional beauticians who have a wide range of knoledgement of contemporary services, products and technologies.

Since 1998 the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School is the only school in Estonia for cosmetologists which is the member of internationally recognised institution Comité International d 'Esthétique et Cosmétologie, a member of CIDESCO. The best students who study beautician speciality will get  international CIDESCO diploma  after  successfully passing the exam. CIDESCO Diploma is the highest level of international recognition, which allows you to work as beautician in different countries of the world.

Beginning  since October 3rd, 2000, our school is located in the new convenient accommodations, located in the center of Tallinn. New spacious accomodations enhance the development of activity. In our school there is an international collaboration and an exchange of students with other educational institutions of Europe. In our school five groups usually study at a time, (approximately 100 people). Our school has been training the students of future profession for already 20 years. Considerable attention is paid to customer service. The students graduated from secondary school, can obtain the profession of hairdresser, nail technician and spa specialist (in addition to cosmetologists).


Owner of the school: Ilu ja Tervis OÜ
The official name of the school is: the First Estonian Private Cosmetic School. From 1998 to the name of the school added: CIDESCO International School.
The total area of the school is  800 m2 and located at the address
Pärnu mnt 130

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PƤrnu mnt. 130, Tallinn 11313 | tel: 6 555 131 | info Eesti Esimene Erakosmeetikakool on aastast 2004 tunnustatud kutseeksamikeskusena